vendredi 25 février 2011

Twilight for guys

I feel kind of ashamed for posting an article about Twilight and I will make up for it by publishing two very serious and long articles. Don't worry, this blog is not going downhill after only a week of existence. LOL cats and stupid Youtube videos are not next!

During my stay in Shanghai, I had the occasion of discussing at lengths with my roommate the reasons for which Twilight was so successful. Said roomy had bought the book out of curiosity and described the experience as "excruciating and altogether useless. Seriously dude, Twilight made playing Robot Unicorn look like a productive and stimulating occupation ".

Recently, my friend sent me a very interesting analysis that offers valuable insights about Twilight's quasi mystical appeal:
BTW, let's think about why Twilight is so interesting to girls by making a male version of it.
You meet one girl, which is a mix between Hayden Pannetiere and Mila Kunis. At the start, you think she doesn't like you, but actually she's crazily in love with you and keeps asking you to be with her. Then you discover she's a f****** PIRATE. And her whole family is pirates. And they loot treasure and s*** and bring you along. And you want to be a pirate too!

But then here comes another girl, who's a mix of Elisha Kuthbert and Megan Fox. And she's also crazy for you. And she's a NINJA! And now you have to decide which girl you want, and also whether you want to be a Pirate or a Ninja.

This is the first real understanding I have had of the Jacob vs. Edward conflict. It all seems so clear to me now.
Good stuff.

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