dimanche 27 mars 2011

Idiot operation of the week: earth hour!

Yesterday from 8h30 PM to 9h30 PM I proudly left all of my electrical appliances on and kept on enjoying the comfortable lifestyle that has been made possible by centuries of human progress.

Earth hour is a feel good measure devised by pseudo-scientists who wish to throw a scientific veil over objectives that are deeply ideological. The hell with it! The hell with this parody of science that is used to make defunct ideologies respectable again! The hell with this idea that human progress is unnatural and that human beings should feel guilty for being warm and well fed! The hell with those who criticize capitalism and scientific progress but take for granted the comfort that it provides them!

Nuclear energy, GMOs, free-trade, private corporations, modern science and all of the other things that are denounced by leftist do-gooders have lifted billions out of poverty, allowed us to feed over 6,5 billion human beings and have created living conditions that even our grandparents could not have dreamt of.

Throughout history, countless ideologies have predicted apocalypse, blamed the human race and modern science for the ills of the world and sought to put a stop to human progress. From Malthusianism to the idiocies of Paul Ehrlich, each and every single one of them has been proved false and has been relegated to the dustbin of history.

So let's focus on the very real problems that we have on our hands and quit fighting windmills! Like me, celebrate Human Achievement hour instead of condoning this utterly useless feel-good operation!

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