mercredi 27 avril 2011

Idiot of the week: Barack Obama

Obama has very little going for him right now. But at least he could always find comfort in the knowledge that his opposition was represented by conspirationist nutjobs obsessed with convincing the world that Obama is either a muslim or was born outside the US (often both).

Let's face it folks, when your main opponent is a megalomaniac business mogul with styrofoam hair who spends his time discrediting himself on national TV by saying that "China is raping this country"; things can't really be that bad.

Nice try but... you're fired!

The whole birth certificate affair was probably the best thing that happened to Obama during his presidency. It made the GOP focus on trivial issues instead of policy propositions, discredited his potential opponents in the eyes of the general public and forced right-wing politicians to engage in a race towards the bottom to court the base. It tarnished the Republican brand so bad that even respectable politicians were affected by the spillover effects. In short, it left the league of serious politicians pretty empty and heavily left leaning.

Up to today, the race for the Republican nomination was a giant farce and Obama could look forward with serenity to dozens of televised debates during which mildly crazy middle aged men would debate whether or not the current president is a Muslim or an American or the next Hitler instead of engaging in a meaningful conversation about the nation's future.

But Obama kinda blew it when he released his full birth certificate 2 days ago. By so doing, he pretty much made Mitt Romney, Tim Pawlenty and the other Republican candidates that are actually electable a huge service by clearing out the field for them. With the birth certificate now public, the front stage can finally be occupied by Republicans with some real ideas that present a much more credible threat to the incumber president than Hockey Moms and crazy business moguls.

Dumb move Barry...

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