mardi 19 avril 2011

Idiots of the week: the UN!

My online activity has been pretty limited lately, the reason being that I am currently writing my graduation thesis and have little time for more frivolous activities such as blogging. I'll be back in a week or so!

In the great international league of idiots, the UN's environment agency arm always ranks high. No organization on earth can match its capacity to make grandiloquent, alarmist claims backed by high school level science and still make the entire package look like serious scientific research.

In 2005, the UN Environment Program gravely predicted that by 2010, there would be over 50 million climate change refugees displaced by catastrophes such as hurricanes, tsunamis, plagues of locusts, you name it! These alarmist predictions were backed by a very serious looking map supposed to show the extent of the cataclysm ahead.

Well, 2011 has come and the UN's deadline is behind us. Let's see how the UN's claim fare when compared with reality.

It goes without saying that the 50 million climate refugees predicted by the UN failed to materialize. Not only that but populations are actually increasing in the areas that were supposed to be hardest hit. the 6 fastest growing cities in China are right in the middle of zones that are by now supposed to be devastated.

Hard hit by the repercussions of climate change, the few remaining inhabitants of the Seychelles are slowly drowning in muddy water

Damn, that's embarrassing

Surely an institution as serious and impartial as the UN would face its errors with dignity and wouldn't engage in any grotesque cover up operation aimed at trying to send its idiotic predictions down the memory hole. Well, this is what you get when to try to upload the page with the map and the original article:

404 not found: honesty and scientific credibility could not be displayed on this page

So not only did the geniuses at the UN misinform public opinion with misleading claims dictated by ideology rather than serious science but they even managed to mismanage the cover up... They forgot that in the great World Wide Web, nothing is really forgotten and bloggers were quick to dig up the original page on Google cache.

The great disaster that wasn't...

One might think that the UN would at least have the decency to keep their head down. Think again! Rather than facing their mistakes, those who are supposed to be the leading scientists of our times simply recycled their original previsions (remember, those people love recycling). It's official folks, the deadline is now 2020! By 2020, we swear that the refugees that were promised will be delivered. Satisfaction guaranteed! Obviously, a sycophantic media sphere was quick to channel this piece of "news" without exposing the UN's original fraud. Investigative journalism at its finest...

Beyond the comical aspect of this entire story, it poses once again the question of how climate change ideologists manage to manipulate public opinion and use their grip on the media sphere to fool the general public with seemingly solid science that inevitably turns out bogus. It's high time for us to start holding these people accountable for the claims they make and the fallacies they spread!

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